About IAFT

International Academy of Fashion Technology (IAFT) / Foreign Trade/ Finance Technology / Film & TV, is a program promoted by Sauhard Vishambhara Society Regdvide Regd No.1341 / 2003 under Society Act 1860, under the guidelines of its objectives of providing vocational training to the Indian Masses with a quality standard of International repute.

The mighty strength of ancient India existed in the skilled / rigorous practical training extended to its people in the ashram system at their early youth stage. The 200 years of slavery under the British rule has ruined its craft and skilled potential and promoted only to Machale system of education with an ill thought of developing only 'Babus' loaded with degrees of B.A. / M.A etc. The element of professional self sufficiency was missing from the basic system of education. This created the titanic volumes of un-employed youths, jeopardizing the real economic growth of the nation.

Our national visionary leaders like Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru / Indira Gandhi / Rajeev Gandhi / Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai foresighted the problems and stressed for the need of equipping the national youth with the professional skills so as to reduce the dependence onthe limited govt jobs and add to the economic strength of the country.

1st Jan 2005, became the turning point for the economic growth of the country because of free economy declared by WTO having quota free regime in Garment Sector. The unique and golden opportunity was certainly a mile stone for China and India, the biggest developing economies of the region. India has earned a reputation of being the largest manufacturer and supplier of quality clothes to the whole world. Overnight a huge demand of skilled human resource to meet the challenge. There has been a very high growth in the field and added to the national economy by more than 65 percent.

Sauhard Vishambara Society arose to realize the need of the time and IAFT is created to provide the professional and skilled training of international quality standard in the field of Fashion Technology / Foreign Trade / Finance Technology / Film & TV. There will be demand of more than a crore of people trained in the field of Fashion / Foreign Trade, Finance Technology, Film and Television. The professionals from the relevant fields have associated to provide the best possible training based on the practical aspects used in the latest technologies and computer software.